Multisensory communications

Buzz marketing


Digital marketing



We've noticed a shift in the way brands are adopted by consumers. Those shouting loudest for attention are more likely to be ignored. We understand we need to help brands build a deeper and more meaningful relationship to connect with consumers.

In order to reach that objective, we offer a range of specific tactics to develop new touch point that turn consumers into brand's advocates, enabling them to speak about your brand.

We create experiences and campaigns that give brands more feel. 
We design multisensory communications that tap into audiences' emotions and 
fuel long-term brand.



Le process

1   Strategic planning
  Observe, analyse, and understand

- Your audience
- Your environment
- Your expectations

2   Brand experience
  Create and execute the best strategy

Experiential marketing
Street & Guerilla marketing
Point of sales activities


Online & Digital
Mobile app
Social Networks
Web site
Buzz marketing

3   ROI & following
  Evaluate campaign efficiency

- Measurement
- Client relationship