Des campagnes choc pour créer de véritables connexions 
émotionnelles avec la cible, en utilisant des supports et des opérations 
originales qui se déroulent en extérieur ou sur le web
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Because today consumers are bombarded 24/7, brands need to make connections, creatively and instantly.
In order to achieve this, we've developed this three‐step philosophy:

Step into the brand

by creating multisensory communications that tap into people's hearts and minds, we can put consumers directly into the "brand's world". This allows them to interact with it physically and emotionally.


Turn consumers into brand advocates

in minutes. Whether we are at a festival a shopping centre or private parties, we generate engaging live experiences and environments that connect instantly with audiences, right from the outset.


Nurture the connection

Once we've made that first emotional connection, we can then build something more concrete. So we always think of long-term strategy, and how we can continue a brand's successful rapport with the consumer.


*Pictures are used as examples and are not representing campaigns set up by SJM